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Dinner with President Obama

Posted in Native Vote Washington on December 18, 2011 by nativevotewa

Time to shine up our new caiman boots and bolo ties and head out to D.C. for this mighty big  (and expensive) shindig!  Here is the invite: potus_invite_first_americans DC 1-27-12  For $35,800 you get a dinner with the President and a photo.  For those whose per caps have not come in just yet, for $5,000 you get three tickets to a reception with the President.  A photo will cost you another $10,000.

 For those wondering, why $35,800, here is the answer.  Because it’s the legal maximum amount for a campaign donation.  $5,000 goes to the Obama re-election campaign, which is the most an individual can give.  $30,500 goes to the Democratic National Committee, which again is the most an individual can give.


To those who are fortunate enough to attend this event, you’ll be in good company.  Obama’s fundraisers usually include the same dollar amount request.