Rep. Jay Inslee’s Position on Tribal Sovereignty

Jay Inslee and United Tribes' Randy Lewis at the Seafair pow wow

Welcome Indian guys and gals!  It’s been a while.  And we’ve had an awesome summer.  But campaign season is rolling around and there’s a lot happening in sunny Washington!

So let’s get down to it.  In one of the biggest and most important races coming up in 2012, two of Washington’s political heavyweights are squaring off in the fight to become our next Governor. 

On the Democratic side, U.S. Congressman Jay Inslee is the leading candidate.  And on the Republican side, Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna is out in front.  Folks back in DC are calling our Governor’s race the Number One race to watch in the nation.

And right out of the gate, Jay Inslee has landed the first blow by issuing his tribal platform.  It’s strong, specific, and heavy on detail.  Here is the platform in PDF format-  Inslee 2012 WA Tribal Platform.

We’ve reprinted several of his biggest points below. 

But, what we really want is to hear from Rob McKenna.  What is your tribal platform? 

It’s early, but nothing really says you are serious about the Native vote like an early outreach.  Both Inslee and McKenna have given us some early love.  Both attended the Daybreak Star Seafair Pow Wow in Seattle.  And both made a point to get to the Tribal Canoe Journeys this summer.   We say bravo.

But right now, speeches and event appearances aside, we want some real substance too.  Inslee has gotten off the first shot with his tribal platform.  Now, it’s McKenna’s turn.

 Jay Supports Washington’s Tribes

Throughout Jay Inslee’s career in elective office, as Vice Chair of the Congressional Native American Caucus and as a ten year member of the Natural Resources committee, Jay has worked tirelessly to support the needs of tribes, stand up and speak out for Indian Country, respect tribal sovereignty, advance economic development opportunities, protect the environment, and improve access to better and self-governed health care.

Supports & Respects Tribal Sovereignty

  • Jay believes Native American communities know what is best for their people. That’s why he has stood up for tribal sovereignty over the years and supports policies to enhance tribal self-determination and meaningful tribal consultation.

Supports Gaming Rights & Operations

  • Jay has worked hard to protect gaming rights for tribes because he recognizes the importance that such economic activity has on improving the lives of Tribal members. From building Boy’s and Girl’s clubs, providing educational opportunities for students, and improving health care for those who need it, Jay understands that it is important to have leaders willing to stand up against those who wish to eliminate this economic activity.



2 Responses to “Rep. Jay Inslee’s Position on Tribal Sovereignty”

  1. This is great information! Inslee is definately taking the Native Vote seriously!

  2. Victoria Redstarr Says:

    Anyone who takes the initiative, without being prodded to show their accountability to WA Tribes and values our sovereignty is a blessing that we need.

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