President Obama Signs Native American Apology Resolution

President Barack Obama signed the Native American Apology Resolution into law on Saturday, December 19, 2009.  The Apology Resolution was included as Section 8113 in the 2010 Defense Appropriations Act, H.R. 3326, Public Law No. 111-118.

 The Apology Resolution had originally been sponsored in the Senate by Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) as S.J. Res. 14.  A companion measure, H.J. Res. 46, was also been introduced in the House by Congressman Dan Boren (D-OK) earlier this year.  Senator Brownback successfully added the Apology Resolution to the Defense Appropriations Act as an amendment on the Senate floor on October 1, 2009.

Senator Brownback said that he introduced the measure “to officially apologize for the past ill-conceived policies by the US Government toward the Native Peoples of this land and re-affirm our commitment toward healing our nation’s wounds and working toward establishing better relationships rooted in reconciliation.”

The Apology Resolution states that the United States, “apologizes on behalf of the people of the United States to all Native Peoples for the many instances of violence, maltreatment, and neglect inflicted on Native Peoples by citizens of the United States.”

The Apology Resolution also “urges the President to acknowledge the wrongs of the United States against Indian tribes in the history of the United States in order to bring healing to this land.”

The Apology Resolution comes with a disclaimer that nothing in the Resolution authorizes or supports any legal claims against the United States and that the Resolution does not settle any claims against the United States.

The Apology Resolution does not include the lengthy Preamble that was part of S.J Res. 14 introduced earlier this year by Senator Brownback.  The Preamble recites the history of U.S. – tribal relations including the assistance provided to the settlers by Native Americans, the killing of Indian women and children, the Trail of Tears, the Long Walk, the Sand Creek Massacre, and Wounded Knee, the theft of tribal lands and resources, the breaking of treaties, and the removal of Indian children to boarding schools.


59 Responses to “President Obama Signs Native American Apology Resolution”

  1. I am deeply touched by this effort, of The United States of America to apologize for all the tragic things done to these people. These people of The Creator, like the rest of us, did not deserve what was done to them. Though their technology was not superior to the Western Europeans that invaded the land given to them to take care of and watch over, by The Creator, their spirit and belief was strong and still remains.

    The next effort, to this Earth should, be an apology and actions to make amends to The Creator for raping Mother Nature and Father Sky.

  2. Michael Ford Says:

    This Apology is a load of CRAP!

  3. […] legislation (which I didn’t even know existed), signed by President Obama in December 2009 called the Native American Apology Resolution. It “apologizes on behalf of the people of the United States to all Native Peoples for the many […]

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  5. Still today Native Hawaiian People suffer in their land with no land, born to poverty, in a system not of their own. Forced to be what they are not, we are the generation and outcome of the U.S. illegal overthrow of the sovereign hawaiian kingdom. Born hawaiian taught to be american, how do we get back to being sovereign in an unsovereign land? I can only hope I see it in my life time or my son see it in his, or his childrens see it.
    The land is important to our survival, and if we have none how do we survive? Restore what is right and true, then goodness shall prevail. The land suffers now, and so does its people. Lets see some posotive change quickly before the next generation suffers the same ill fate as our ancestors have and now we face. How long more?

  6. Kanerahtetahke Says:

    I commend president Obama for signing the apology and his fairness to minorities. However one apology does not right all the wrongs and cultural genocide. People who misunderstand what the rights of an aboriginal person, this can make life a fight. We do not pay taxes because we never surrendered this is still all of our land the fact that we have to live over populated on a reservation is still no better than penning wild animals on a farm. We live on reservations to protect our rights. Many feel as if you leave the reservation and you lose your rights and identity. That is wrong to have taught and encouraged that with containing a growing population on an ever dwindling land.With all respect President Obama the resolution paper is a farce. The idea is respectable, and I understand the need to protect the states assets, but who protect ours?

  7. I feel if it were not for the Indians fighting for sacred sites and land and enviromental issues, this land would be gone!

  8. Alexander walks with Raven. Says:

    We have to restore everything that was stolen from the first people, and offer more than apologies. My grandmother on my fathers side was sent to a boarding school, and was badly abused there. We are Yu’pik. My grandmother was made to speak English and was beaten if she tried to speak Yu’pik. They took her Yu’pik name and gave her a white name. She does not remember her people. How do we give her back to the Yu’pik people? An apology changes nothing. It will change only when everything stolen is returned. I don’t hate anyone. But I will make sure before I die that I find her family. It is my obligation to her. So we can restore what was stolen from her Village. And bring balance that the churches and government stole from us.

  9. The early native Americans were savages. Not only did they kill, rape and steal from non-native settlers, but some of the west coast tribes still practiced cannibalism, raping and eating and enslaving and stealing from neighboring tribes. White people were certainly no better and when I say “white people”, I’m not excluding the rest of the non-aboriginal races who settled north America. Please allow me to say that again. “White people were no better”, but we were certainly no worse and owe nothing to the aboriginals of north America. The north American aboriginals should thank their lucky stars that this great country turned out the way it did, because if not for our government, they might be speaking Japanese or Russian and be there for forced to join the human race like the rest of us earthlings. There is nothing special about the north American aboriginals. They too, came from somewhere, just like the rest of us. There are no people alive today who were directly responsible for having wronged the north American aboriginals and there are no north American aboriginals alive today who suffered at the hand of the early settlers. Today, the north American aboriginals enjoy rights and privileges paid for by the American tax dollar, that none of the rest of us enjoy. They are a special interest group who have had their hand out for free stuff for as long as I have been alive and I and my parents have been paying for it since this great land was finally settled. I and my parents have had to carry the burden of being white and therefore somehow guilty of the north American Aboriginals plight. My message to all so called “native Americans”: I have a fairly white complexion and more than likely of European decent (NOT something I had any choice in), but make no mistake, I am NATIVE AMERICAN. You so called “native Americans” the first nations, the ones who claim special interest because you were evidently here before any of the rest of us, it is time for YOU to evolve and join the human race. By the way, Obama will send an opology to anyone if it means he’ll get a vote. AND another thing, that romantic image of a native american on a horse? They didn’t have horses until they stole them from europeans.

  10. Unega Waya Says:

    If you believe the history that has been written about Native Americans, then I understand why you think we were savages. Did we kill, rape and steal from non Native Americans, yes, after all that is what the early settlers did to us so just call it pay back. In every case of new settlers coming to the New World, they were welcomed and helped in order to make their settlements work. We were not the ones who, in time, killed, raped and stole our land. Old Worlders started the fire, we just turned it up to a new level. We were not going to let our people be faced with genocide at the Old Worlders hands. As for Native Americans evolving and joining the human race, I’m sorry but to us we are already there. Maybe you should look at what this county and it’s government has done to Native Americans in the 1900’s and for that matter even in the 2000’s. It may show you who the real savage is. And as far as what we enjoy as rights and privileges is what this government put into the treaties they made us sign. I am sorry that you feel that you and your parents have had to carry a burden for us. I do not blame you or your parents for what happen back in history. If you do something to me now, then I will blame you and not until then. I feel sad that there is so much hate in your heart. I hope the Creator will help you remove it and live a meaningful life. Go in peace.

  11. Lets first address your remark about hate in my heart. The only hate in my heart already went out to my ex-wives, many years ago. I have never held any hate for any people or person because of their race. If I sound serious, it is because I know I speak the truth and this is obviously something you are not able to understand. as far as you saying that your people were not going to let the old-worlders kill your people, that is something that is no longer a matter of consequence as is evident by our age and when it happened, but make no mistake, your people continued to live only because the old worlders saw the error of their ways and they let you live. Go in peace? As long as you and other welfare recipients are living off of my tax dollars, there can be no peace. There has to be accountability and as far as I am concerned, you dont deserve one penny of what I work for and I will put you in the same category as the rest of the north American people on public assistance who apparently have made getting something for nothing, a professional endeavor. When I say, “join the human race”, I mean, get off your high horse and quit expecting the rest of the world to provide for you. You might think about actually contributing something the rest of the world can admire instead of making the rest of us resent your existence. You say that the “old worlders” have been doing you wrong, even in this melinia, but you dont bother to quote any specific wrongs because you dont have the education or simple where-with-all to do your homework. News flash, “There are no old worlders still alive, today”. You are a conquered people and therefore deserving of no more than any other conquered people on this planet. Without abandoning your heritage, you should be made to follow the same laws I have to and should be given no privileges to enjoy that the rest of us cant equally enjoy. I’m talking about following the same laws and rights that African Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans, and the rest must follow. If aboriginal americans want to freely practice the hunting and fishing methods used more than 100 years ago, then they should. But using nylon gill nets, shellfish rights to 200 feet below low tide, 50 caliber harpoons (or any fire arms of any kind), fiberglass/aluminum boats with 250 hp outboard engines fall under a catagory of harvest not traditionally used by north American aboriginals. If you want to practice your traditional fishing methods, get a spear and a wooden canoe and have at it or pay for the same fishing and hunting license the rest of us have to pay for and follow the same rules that those of us who are in the human race have to follow. And how about paying a registration fee for your motor vehicles? I have to pay that registration annually to drive my vehicle on the road, but you dont. why? Of course, not all tribes have managed to cut the same deal with the federal government, but your roads are paid for by my tax dollars and you and I drive on the same roads and should therefore contribute equally to the maintenance of those same roads. however, this is not something you have to worry about. Why? I have to pay more for the fuel in my car, but you get a break because of your race, as long as that fuel is purchased on your reservation. That in and of itself, is racist. You are a racist people and somehow exempt from many of the laws that I have to follow, yet have the unmitigated gal to fabricate a vague and flimsy excuse to defend getting all your free stuff and special interests. I was born here, as were my family as far back as the earliest settlers who crossed the Atlantic ocean on the Mayflower. I was raised here in the state of Washington and was taught that this is “my” native land. Heck, its in the state song we sang in grade school. I was raised to believe that this country was founded on the principal that “all men are created equal”, but you and I both know that as long as you are treated special and continue to get free stuff paid for by me, that those principals are a lie. Please dont confuse the truths I speak with something you or your people should take personal. And never forget that the only reason Aboriginal Americans enjoy special privileges is because my government allows it. It is an unfortunate travesty that all non-aboriginal Americans must suffer, but it is the truth.

  12. was doing some research today which brought me to this site.
    i hear from so many how american indians get free stuff…free???
    at what price?
    long time ago wars were fought, people were killed on both sides..people were pushed off their land they called was taken without was shared ..but it was never enough for the increasing amounts of people coming to this land..there was bad on both sides….things done that were of the most horrible kind..treaties were made to stop those things..supposedly to begin living in harmony….treaties were broken..more war more death..
    american indians were some of the first subjects of germ warefare, small pox and other diseases put in food and blankets to wipe away the natives..or savages as we were called then…but truly who was more or those who infected women and children with diseases??
    when peaceful treaties were struck…and peace was made, land was taken over and people were pushed farther away..that is why there were made allotments and now days tribes are paid…but free money?? at what price? a human beings dignity? pride? self worth?
    would you want that money at that price??? i doubt you would?
    would you be willing to have the gov people determine if your race is
    true determined on what a paper says you are, and these same people always have a say in who you can ever be? including your children and their children? to determine at a stroke of a pen you are not a people anymore?

    you are right, you did nothing to these people back then, what you do now is judge them..would you truly want to walk in thier moccassins?

    see i may be wrong, but i have always lived in the southwest, never grew up on a reservation..and yet though through the oral tradition and through dna i can prove my ancestory even tribes will fall back to a piece of paper..they have become the dog who bit them..
    in our country only two races must supply a card to prove who they are..indians and mexicans….and of all peoples only indians must show blood quantum to be recognized as so either as a american indian, or even to practice the american indian religion..
    how many times have you been asked for a white peoples card? or can you prove your white persons blood quantum to proove your existance?

    indians onc saw themselves as caretakers of the land…my personal feelings is thats passed from generations to now to modern daay cattle ranchers and farmers….and from what they say thier land is now being taken from them..i always ask ” how does it feel ? ” for now you are the indian…..and then i ask native americans ” if it was wrong whenit was done to you, why do you sit back and watch it now? ”
    the president apoligised now, every treaty signed that removed american indians from the land they grew up in, giving up thier way of life was also an apology towards progression, encroachment colledge boys like to call it.

    look on the reservations at the issues they face…alchoholism, drugs,abuse on a standard even higher in numbers than most likley any city in te u.s.a. , poverty unseen in any city….you still think its free money and you want it??
    myself i donot recieve tribal money, nor do i want it..nobody gives anything for free…theres always a price, even if its unseen to the naked eye….look up history most native american indians didnt even have citicen rights for quite a long time..

    and i do agree with one many tribes want thier land back, buy you , me or anyone else can and does.

    i am not trying to educate anyone…i dont pretend to know anything..i just think there is a middle ground where we all start helping one another….and i do agree you were born here you are a native american too
    we are not indians, that was a name given us…by the boat people
    tribes had names…many tribes said they came from other countries..other nations..and were called liars…
    now centuries later dna proves those elders were telling the truth
    like some cherokee came from irish /scotish people, mandan sioux from welsch, western cherokee from israel, some sioux from china / tibet, apaches from tibet
    as it was said by wise old people before you and i were ever born
    man did not make the circle of life, we did not create the web of life, what we do to the web, we do to ourselves..
    we are all one
    human beings planet earth
    maybe that one little apology began a healing
    that apology cost nothing, it was words spoken into the air..
    a vibration for those who would hear it… say move forward now brothers, it is time…..

    the only other thing i say is this, our beliefs, our morals, the foundations of our country are being washed away before our eyes even now…..this is not done by american indians…but what was done to them,is being done to the country now..and at a stroke of a pen a tribes way of life was lost, a stroke of a pen and land was no longer thiers…
    at a stroke of a pen our constitution can be rewritten, and all our rights, that every serviceman, white, red,yellow,or it man or woman whose blood was spilled..for every warrior who fought the good fight, and did not come home….
    can all be erased by the same people who dtermine a tribe no longer exists.
    it was onc said the greates trick the evil one ever did, was coax man into believing he didnt exist..

    i hope we can all find a path together
    that is all i have to say

  13. lol walter had alot to say here, maybe noone would listen or here his b.s, n he just had to wirte it here. you should be ashamed of what u are saying, you have no idea what live is like on the reservation. where ”i” happen to have grown up. ill pray for you

  14. Every nation was conquered by one people or another. The fact is that “Native Americans” get many things under law that I, a Native American do not receive. I was born and raised in America. I am native. The politically correct like to put pretty twists on the truth. The fact of the matter is that the inhabitants of this land were conquered. Throughout history, a conquered people never received special treatment. It’s a sad fact, but it is a fact. It is the way of human beings and any other living thing to expand. Be offended if you must, but I feel no reason to apologize. I never lifted a weapon to anyone and hold no guilt. What has been done for the Jews who have been conquered and enslaved more than any other race? I haven’t heard of the Scottish people receiving reparations from the British. Did the inhabitants of Mexico receive special treatment from the Spaniards? How about the Mongols over Germany? Muslims over Italy? Romans….
    This victimization mentality is absurd.
    Lisa, I really don’t know what Walter said that was B.S. Regarding the reservation, and this includes you Robert, There is no guarded fence around them. If I could walk a mile in their moccasins as you posed, I would walk to college. Get student loans, get an education so that my children have a better way of life. I would not grab a bottle and drink everyday or do drugs. Those are personal choices that each individual is responsible. It is cowardly to say I’m an alcoholic or a drug abuser because of something someone else did.
    I’ve never had to show a white card. There are none. I get nothing free. When do you have to show an Indian card? You don’t, unless you’re asking for a hand out. You could throw the card away, get a job, pay for the things every other American pays for. It is a choice to acquire, keep and use the card.
    I have nothing against any race of people. I do have something against people who blame others for their circumstances. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but I bettered myself at my expense. I know many Indian people that earned their own education, have jobs, and don’t use cards to get something for nothing. The indignities you have mentioned are only indignities to those who refuse to stand for themselves and use race and ancient history to skirt their own responsibilities.

  15. blah blah blah what can u do about it, its not gonna change ova nite..dont waste ur time writing a long a** essay about it kevin.

  16. So What’s the answer here? I get the part about those that feel a sense of outrage over the past. I also understand that it can be hard to respect aspects of a people that it appears cannot or will not respect themselves. What I think is missing is a truth telling. Our current history books are full of lies. After all the truth is told by the victor. I’ve read history books about how this land was conqured and the atrocities that were commited and most of the stories were not in my high-school history books. It would help if it were. I think that collectively, many Native Americans are suffering in the same way a woman would be suffering is she were raped and everyone minimized the damage and changed to story to make the rapist look better. Such a woman could end up addicted to drugs and alcohol – living in the streets or on welfare. You can yell at that woman all day long, tell her to take a bath, get a job and clean up act but if her spirit is broken it will never happen. Shaming someone into right action never works.

    I know this, life on a reservation is no pic-nic. I had a friend once who was white but lived on a reservation with his wife. He woke up one morning and found her dead on the couch covered in blood. Someone killed her. He told me that murder was common – akin to gang wars. He said there was horrible poverty and alcoholism – he himself was an alcoholic. Would any one who mentioned that these people get something for nothing be willing to trade places with them? Would you trade your safe home for lets say a get-out-of-paying-gas-tax free card? Would you move out of your house and raise your children on the res for cheap cigarettes and tax free booze? Do you think they live in houses like yours or drive nice cars? Don’t you get something for nothing every time you buy clothing that was made in a third world by children who’s parents sold them into slavery? why aren’t you weaving your own cloth and sewing your own clothes if you are so much better?

    I think that as a people Native Americans need to find a way to recover their dignity and change their lives for the better but they don’t need anyone telling them how good they’ve got it. I’m not saying that they deserve pity – pity is the last thing the people need. What they need is hope and hope is a hard thing to have when you are born and raised in an environment where precious few have self-esteem. Their task is monumental – I hope they find the strength to overcome because we need them. We have lost our connection to life. We don’t reconize that we share DNA with every living creature on this planet. That the tree is your uncle and the otter your brother. Everthing on this earth is your natural living realtive. The people lived here for over 2000 years and left this continent the way they found it. The europeans arrived and look what they’ve done with the place in roughly 400. We need to be more like them before it’s to late.

  17. Um walter and kevin, you guys are freaking ignorant idiots who obviously don’t have a drop of kindness in your hearts. The government may apologize for the past, but they haven’t done much to correct their wrongdoings. If we want to say that we’re sorry why don’t we give the native Americans back their land, the land that belongs to them in treaties that we ignored. And it is despicable for you to call them racists, savages, and cowards. They are anything but those things. I am so disgusted with your selfishness, but i won’t write a long essay expressing my hatred like you did. And no, I’m not native American, I’m not white, and actually it doesn’t really matter what my heritage is.

  18. …..aaaaaaaMEN…lol i 1,0000% agree with mia she said it to a T…walter and kevin have nothing else better to do than type stupid sh*t they dont no anything about, dump their butts on the rez and they’ll change their tunes lol

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  20. This apology resolves nothing. Time for the feds to honor treaties

  21. Tricia Ann Zigrang Says:

    I recently went to a workshop that was provided for free by native americans. Iit was on intergenerational trauma. I could not understand why they were not charging. I had never seen that in all the years that I have been a psychologist. When I went through the workshop I understood. It was very moving. They had native Americans drumming and singing their songs together in many different languages. They mainly talked about native American healing practices but also the fact that today’s native americans suffer from trauma passed through the generations. While there were some native americans there, it was mostly descendents of the people who slaughtered so many of their ancestors. Instead of holding this against us, they gave us a gift.

  22. lisa elisabeth höglund Says:

    Please, let wounded knee be a holy place. How are some people thinking? how can this place eaven be in this situation? ,this place should have been marked as a cultural/historical place for long time ago and people should not be able to sell or by it.

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  30. It just astounds me that this opens the door to all these comments that are almost racists.. borderline in some areas. These people our American Indians in the beginning were a peaceful culture.. they lived off the land that the creator gave to them. They were friends with the old world whites in many ways in the very beginnings European Settlers and the Spanish were alot of the reasons that cultural clashes happened..lack of mutual understanding and of there cultural ways on both sides. Our Govt stole, beat, pilaged, lied and raped, murdered, traded and tortured the American Indians in many unprovoked ways because of power and greed. If there has been one right thing that the govt has done to the Indian it is this that Obama has signed.. We cannot take back the horrific abuses, neglect and tortures of the past but we can surely allow the Indian to reclaim his rights and his lands that were stolen from him.. The Indian they called a savage but the Europeans and our past americans were truely demoralized assholes to the Indian peoples. God forgive us all for the horrific tortures and desecration to a wonderful culture of the Native American Indians. IT WAS WRONG what we did to them and we need to admit that.. The creator states that which u reep you shall sow tenfold.. and I am sure the farmers, ranchers and the govt have been seeing there full paybacks. But our Govt is the most crooked institution upon the face of this earth I have ever studied politically and historically. WE DONT own any of this earth as Chief Sitting Bull said.. The creator does. White man did not create the circle of life or nature and only tries to control mother nature and is only destroying mother earth in doing so.. god forgive all those who did the Indians such injustices.. my ancestors and I apologize wholehandely for any part they may have partook in such a audacity to the Native Americans. I lived on a res.. so I know what is has done to the Indians.
    No one human being is superior ever over another in any race, culture or creed.. OUR CREATOR REIGNS OVER HEAVEN AND EARTH AND MOTHER NATURE.. at least the Indians respected that factor in all tribes and white man has never respected it.

  31. Extraordinarily Beautiful and Inspiring!

  32. […] U.S. President will actually openly apologize to the Native Americans, rather than giving them a cheap and underhanded whiff. Ya know? A real apology…with fanfare, tv specials, ceremonies, […]

  33. Kevin and Walter you are such despicable idiot. You make me really desire you both die soon and in the worst way possible.
    Horrible savages, cowards and racists!!

  34. Kevin and Walter you are such despicable ignorant idiot that you make me really desire you both die soon and in the worst way possible.
    Horrible savages, cowards and racists!!

  35. It is a lie that native people receive free things from the goverment, most of them live in poverty! The have to pay taxes to the goverment if they want ot put a business but the goverment doesn’t pay for health care or education for them. You have watch too much tv I guess. Why don’t you make some research instead of talking shit?

  36. Gloria, all of my so called “shit” was thoroughly researched by first hand evidence. I have friends on the rez and yes, they do get money just for being a tribal member and free services, both medical and dental from the US government via Bureau of Indian Affairs. The gas stations on the rez provide gas to anyone who wants to pay the normal price, but if you are native, you do not pay the taxes for that fuel and everyone knows that the tax on gas is most of the cost. The natives in this washingtons state tribe also do NOT pay vehicle registration. The list of benefits paid to these tribes is a long one, but I see no need in trying to convince someone who has no intention of looking beyond her own denial in the outrageous discrimination that comes from the American Indian.

  37. […] Resolution of Apology to the Native Peoples of America On February 13, 2008, the Australian government apologizes to its Aborigines' "Stolen Generation" for the policy of forced resettlement. […]

  38. Reblogged this on Racism Is Not A Game and commented:
    This is important to see as a first step. It certainly deserves more publicity.

  39. jason ring Says:

    yeah well I’m deeply offended because for one it was the Europeans the Americans were the one who kicked those guys across the Atlantic and did what no other country did and made amends although it was kind of late for the population diminished they still do it with no other country from the south of the north of this continent did they preservations ahead of time to preserve their culture again the white man is European the American gets a pat on the back don’t ever f****** forget it

  40. […] there’s our own history to consider. While the 2009 Native American Apology Resolution recognizes the Federal Government’s official depredations of Native Americans, but the word […]

  41. elisha jost-cline Says:

    im all for the apology act towards native americans. but they are no better they discriminate against there own . example i see it first hand theres a family were everyone is native american. the grandma, grandpa, there 3 children and there children . the last child born was born after 1964 and not considered native american were everyone in his family is. he’s the non-indian, the outsider, the white boy. it tore his family apart his mother saw the benefits here other children receive. she said they treat him like a step child, but
    we have the same parents. I’m not excepted by my own tribe or should i say my fathers, brothers, sister my aunt and her children’s tribe. it truly hurts his heart and spirit he wants to be proud of his culture but he can’t even call him self native american. that is just so wrong he should be equal to his brother and sister. so maybe the native americans should follow the white mans way and make it right within there own people. they sure learned the greed, discrimination and there racism words they use toward non-indians.
    this story even gets deeper on how there records were lost when they built the new administration business. and how they won’t fix there mistake b.i.a has correct blood quantum and somewhere along the files they marked out and changed the blood quantum.
    the administration even called the aunt and said they lost papers and hers is incorrect but they won’t change it to make it right. so he watches how his brother and sister live the life of there dreams . and his heart and spirit withers away. who am i ? what am i. ?

  42. Evil religion, catholicism, feloniously assaulted me from the second grade to the sixth grade, at Holy Childhood catholic Boarding School, in Harbor Springs, Michigan, USA. That House of Horrors abused my Mom, bad, as well as my relatives and tribal friends and ancestors… We have received no justice. Forced, evil religion upon us, with violence, is a hate crime. White man’s evil, greedy, religion needs to be held accountable, Immediately. I learned how to hate and to feloniously assault, because of that hell-hole.
    The lands that you immigrant descendents live on, and play on, and “rape”… are Rightfully, Indigenous peoples lands. We had to live another day and sign treaties under duress. All State land and federal lands must be given back to the original peoples.
    I will fight the good fight to teach the misguided and the hateful, better alternatives to hate and ignorance.
    Rita Izsák, UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues… could, also, be followed, to better understand Indigenous peoples issues.

  43. This is stupid they didn’t deserve an apology they sided with the British in the war and fought us

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  45. Apache Joe Says:

    You know what’s funny to me is how any one can say how great this nation is when it was built on genocide. Now I bet no one on here agreed with what Hitler did to his people. Americans did that before Hitler did it. The Native Americans were not conquered they stop fighting for the reason of their people. The US government is not the people of the United States. They speak for power and Fame, out of all the Politicians we had in office since America was Established on July 4 1776, tell me how many were honest and actually took their position seriously. We do live in the new age, an age where the government is destroying everyone. Look at who we got running for presidency, they are both a joke just like Obama, and bill Clinton and any other republican or democrat that was ever in office. I’m not here to agree or disagree with any one. I served this country and saw nothing but stupid political bull shit. I’m married to where my side of the family are immigrants. I get it, but Africans did not find this Nation and neither did Columbus. I get why many countries don’t like America and here is one of the thousand problems why, Other countries were quick to apologize to the Native Americans but not America, it took a Black president to apologize to the Native Americans. If anyone has done their research the US government lies, they broke more then 400 treaties. I am an American plus I’m Mescalero Apache and White. But I do not like the government in this Nation. The government gave this Nation a bad impression, and for any one that backs the government well I’m talking about you to. If you get mad when the president, senator, governor or any other politician you vote gets in office and lies to you, that is what I’m speaking about when it comes to the Native Americans. IT easy to tell blacks, Mexicans, Europeans, and any other immigrant to go back to where they came from. Well Native Americans are from here.

  46. How odd it is that the native community never knew about the Native American Apology Resolution. Donald Trump as a candidate was asked for apologies for the same thing.

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  48. Angela Brandel Says:

    “re-affirm our commitment toward healing our nation’s wounds and working toward establishing better relationships rooted in reconciliation.” Reconciliation starts with the apology–but then stepping up to follow with action! Where was the US government all these months during the Standing Rock water and sacred sites protection events? Even though the Corp has told DAPL to stop…they continue to drill and put the pipeline in place–not to mention abuse the people there, block internet and live stream so we can’t see what is happening…. words are nothing without action!

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  54. […] Here is the problem. The Democrats of 2016 dispute none of these descriptions of Jackson. By the time “Hillary’s America” hit the screen, the majority of state Democratic parties were scrubbing Jackson’s name from their fundraising dinners. A largely left-wing movement to remove Jackson from the $20 bill succeeded under President Barack Obama, whose Treasury Department agreed to phase Jackson out and phase in Harriet Tubman. Years earlier, Obama signed a bipartisan resolution of apology to the Cherokee for Jackson’s Indian Removal policy. […]

  55. […] worked with Engle to craft a resolution in the U.S. Congress apologizing to Native Americans. The Native American Apology Resolution was signed on December 19, 2009, by President Barack Obama. NAR leaders saw the resolution–a […]

  56. […] 2009 Obama signe des excuses un peu vagues, toujours dans le même […]

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