Seattle Should Re-establish the Tribal Liaison Position

Mayor-Elect Mike McGinn has been actively seeking your input on what issues he should tackle when he takes office on January 3rd, 2010.  He has set up a webpage called “Ideas for Seattle”.   You can submit ideas for McGinn on this page and then ask your friends and the public to vote to support your ideas.  The webpage has a running tally of just how many people are supporting your idea..  We just logged in and suggested the he RE-ESTABLISH THE CITY’S NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBAL LIAISON POSITION.  Please go to this page (Race and Social Justice ideas) and VOTE for it.   Many of Seattle’s government employees already support this suggestion which was first brought to McGinn by the Collaborative Association for Native American Employees of Seattle (CANOES) and supported by the Filipino American Civic Employees of Seattle, Blacks in Government, and the Latino Employees of Seattle. 

Thank you!


3 Responses to “Seattle Should Re-establish the Tribal Liaison Position”

  1. Pamela Masterman Says:

    Because the City actually had a position in the past, and because the idea has already been raised with McGinn and supported by Affinity Groups, that seems like the best place to start in terms of getting McGinn to look at establishing a Native American Outreach & Policy Advisor. The best option would be for McGinn to combine the two roles of a Tribal Liaison and a Native American Outreach into one role: Native American Policy Advisor to develop new initiatives for American Indians/Alaskan Natives, i.e, Cultural Training Policy for certain departments (Seattle Police Departments, Dept of Neighborhoods); Natural Resources, etc. In the past the Tribal Liaison worked on Natural Resource agreements to protect water, lands, and fish with Muckleshoot, Puyallup, Snoqualmie, Duwamish. Just because it didn’t work in the past, doesn’t mean it won’t work. That is the responsibility of the government-to-government relationship that tribes have the right to.

  2. Pauline American Horse Says:

    This is an imporant position and is sorely needed. Please re-establish.

  3. Deborah Parker Says:

    I support the position of a tribal liaison for the Seattle area. It is a position that is needed to help look at the issues that Urban Indian’s face. Their voice is all too often unheard. They just may be the most over-looked people in Seattle. I will vote for this position! Thanks NVW for bringing this issue to our attention. I will tell others.

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