Elections’ Are Right Around the Corner

GRAPHIC TEMPLATE1The November 3rd elections are right around the corner here in Washington State.  All of the ballots have been mailed out, so you should have gotten yours by now.  Fill ’em out and then either mail them in or drop them off at your local drop-off-box locations.  For instance, a list of ballot drop box locations in King County are here.   Ballot drop boxes in Pierce County are listed in page 4 of the guide here.  Snohomish County is here.  The last day to vote is TUESDAY, November 3rd.  If you are voting by mail, your ballot has to be postmarked on Tuesday.  If you are dropping off your ballot, the drop boxes are locked at 8pm.

There’s lots of candidates and lots of issues — like Initiative 1033 and Referendum 71 — on the ballot this year that are getting a lot of press. Ditto the big King County executive race between Dow Constantine and Susan Hutchison.  But just as important are your local towns mayors races, school board races, port authority races, and city council races.


Patrick Larson, Jr.

We”ll shout out for first-time candidate Patrick Larson (Citizen Band Potawatomi Nation) who is running for the Marysville City Council.  Check out his website which is here.  A short write up of his campaign is here.

Elections are always important, so use your voice and vote.


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