Dow Constantine takes lead over Susan Hutchison

Dow Hutch

Today the University of Washington released the latest polling results in four key Washington and Seattle races.  The Washington Poll has Dow Constantine way out in the lead over Susan Hutchison in the race for King County Executive.  Dow leads by a margin of 47 to 34 percent of likely voters.  BUT, the poll also shows that there is a pretty large number of Undecideds (19%) that remain out there for the taking, more than enough to swing the race back in Hutch’s favor, so we think that this race is still far from decided.   We’ve noticed a strong surge of advertising on the King County airwaves, a lot of it negative, so we’ll see where the Undecideds decide to break.  We should also point out that the mid-October King 5/Survey USA poll had Hutchison with a 5 point lead over Dow with 11% Undecided.  The Washington Poll has a larger sample size, and as the Seattle PI noted today, relies on interviews rather than robocalls.


One Response to “Dow Constantine takes lead over Susan Hutchison”

  1. Quid Pro Gnome Says:

    I can’t wait to see the outcome of this election. Both candidates leave a lot to the imagination, which perhaps accounts for the “undecided” gulf. Dow has unleashed an incredibly polarizing and partisan campaign against Hutchison, which I found kind of banal and odd, whereas one hears very little on behalf of the Hutchison campaign. The zeitgeist these days still leans heavily to the left, but in Dow one only finds hubris as evidence of the fact. And were my eyes bleeding lies or did the Seattle Times endorse Hutchison?

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