Obama’s Economic Stimulus plan for WA


The Obama White House sent out details today of just what is in their plan to stimulate the economy.  The Obama White House is hoping to drum up support for a plan that is different than what the House passed last week and what is now a moving target in the Senate.  The House and Senate are due to conference on the bill next week.


The White House did not say how much money each state will get under Obama’s plan, but here’s what they say Washington will get per the White House press release:


  • Creating or saving 79,700 jobs over the next two years. Jobs created will be in a range of industries from clean energy to health care, with over 90% in the private sector.
  • Providing a “making work pay” tax cut of up to $1,000 for 2,450,000 workers and their families. The plan will make a down payment on the President’s Making Work Pay tax cut for 95% of workers and their families, designed to pay out immediately into workers’ paychecks.
  • Making 67,000 families eligible for a new American Opportunity Tax Credit to make college affordable. By creating a new $2,500 partially refundable tax credit for four years of college, this plan will give 3.8 million families nationwide – and 67,000 families in Washington – new assistance to put college within their reach.
  • Offering an additional $100 per month in unemployment insurance benefits to 404,000 workers in California who have lost their jobs in this recession, and providing extended unemployment benefits to an additional 44,000 laid-off workers.
  • Providing funding sufficient to modernize at least 138 schools in California so our children have the labs, classrooms and libraries they need to compete in the 21st century economy.

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