Trillion Dollar Bill


We recently got our cable reconnected and what the heck do we see on the news but talk about a gigantic bailout of the auto industry, and talk of a trillion dollar “public works” program.  This is all good, as far as we can see, given the state of the economy and, in particular, our economy which consists of a bunch of old Capital One Mastercards with $400 limits that are perpetually being maxed out at the casino. 

Still, we cannot help but feel that when the States are asking the Federal Government to give them $1 trillion to build new schools, roads, broadband, and energy projects, we are somehow missing out on something.  We know that Indian Country has over a $1.5 billion backlog in water and sewer needs, close to a $1 billion backlog in roads needs, lord knows how many $billion in health care needs, about $1 billion in transmission line and electricity needs, and $1 billion in cable/broadband needs.

So we are going to start off the New Year by asking the Washington Congressional Delegation to fight for a tiny piece of the pie, say about $12 billion for Indian Country projects.  If we know anything, it’s that our economy needs the basic building blocks to really take off.   Put simply, Indian Country needs a major federal investment in roads, electricity, internet access, water and sewer lines, and renewable energy development.  We believe that as long as Congress is in the “giving” mode, then they should live up to the treaties and provide Indian tribes and Indian families with the tools for real economic success.


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