Native American Heritage Day


We rolled off our couches (or out the steps of our RVs) this morning to walk off yesterday’s massive feast.  And on our walk to the local coffee shop (7-11), we began to think about how we should properly celebrate our first national Native American Heritage Day

Apparently this is a one time deal, unless Congress and the new President decide to make Black Friday the permanent NAHD.  Of course that would make it Red Friday, and we’re pretty sure retailers wouldn’t like the sound of that.

But a proper celebration means something more than rushing off to Best Buy to get a new cell phone.  Americans are supposed to think of all the great things we have done for them, as well as recognize our leaders and achievements.  We once held our breath until we passed out as kids, and we once set a building on fire by accident and didn’t get caught, but those are probably not the achievements the NAHD is talking about.

We’d recommend this book to everyone – “Indian Givers” by Jack Weatherford.  Weatherford reviews all of the incredible achievements and contribution that Natives gave to the good old US of A, including the idea of a republic based on the Iroquois Confederacy.  So we can totally get behind celebrating something that truly recognizes Native achievements.

Between now and this evening, we’ll figure out something else to make sure we beam with “self-esteem, pride and self-awareness.”   Let us know if you have any thoughts on how to celebrate NAHD or whether or not is should even be permanent or on what day.


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