Rossi and the Native Vote – new Swift Canoe Indians video

We’ve said this for a while now, but we saw a huge political problem for Dino Rossi when his supporters – the Building Industry Association of Washington and the Republican Governors Association – began running a series of television ads alleging that Governor Christine Gregoire’s actions in agreeing to the tribal gaming compacts amount to a “payoff”.  Of course, Rossi’s campaign is saying that they were only criticizing the Governor and NOT the tribes, but the reality is that any sort of payoff, bribe, quid pro quo requires to knowing parties.  In this case the Governor AND the tribes.  The fact that it was reported that Rossi said tribes “laundered” money in a debate really pushes the envelope.


Naturally the tribes are not taking this well.  The Spokane Tribe took out an ad calling the Rossi ads racist.  Link to the story in the Spokesman Review here.


We think that Rossi’s campaign may have fatally damaged its relations with Washington’s 29 tribes through this ill-advised commercial campaign.  That remains to be seen.


But we can tell you that at the grassroots level, a group of Native voters have put together their own video under the banner of “Swift Canoe Indians” that is posted on You Tube.  You can watch the 3 minute video here.  The video slams Rossi for his stance on the Ads.


We can’t say that that we didn’t see something like this happening.  The question is now whether the Gregoire campaign uses this hot button issue against Rossi on the reservations and/or does the Rossi campaign do some real damage control on the reservations?




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