More liveblogging… Part II

McCain is right – we have to fix the system and we do have a long way to go.  We agree with that.


Lehrer is trying to find out what each candidate can do, though, to tackle the problem.


McCain – we have to control spending.


Now McCain is recycling a bunch of Reagan lines, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  McCain highlights his opposition to pork barrel spending.  Third time (“this pen is old”) he refers on his own to his age.


Both candidates are saying that they will cut taxes, so that’s good…


McCain brings up corruption in “the system”.  Like MMS and maybe more to the point Cobell (we think).


First real call of the night – we like this debate format.  It leaves each candidate an opening to challenge their opponent.


McCain brings in Ireland as a reference point.  Not sure what this means or what it means to America.


Now Obama starts talking about the tax code = bathroom break.


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