Livebloggin the Debate… Part III

O.k., this is getting boring again.  Too much talk about the Tax Code and vague references to each other’s record, but without real specifics.  We don’t want to have to “look it up”.  That’s the whole point of a debate – tell us so we DON’T have to look it up.


Note to News Pool Feed – stop panning in closely on Lehrer – his bulging eyes remind us of us the raccoons out back sitting on top of our trash cans that refuse to budge when we turn on the outdoor lights at night to take out trash out at night.


Interesting – McCain would eliminate ethanol subsidies.  That’s not good for the Midwest and Great Plains.  What think you Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota?  Oh, and you too, Tom Daschle.


We DO like the fashion outfits though.  If anyone caught the C-SPAN feed beforehand, both Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama look absolutely fabulous.  And both McCain and Obama look good tonight in their matching Navy Blue suits, light blue shirts, and red ties.  But why is it now that Obama’s wearing the flag pin and McCain is not?  Wasn’t this some sort of crazy issue a few months ago.


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