Livebloggin part V

McCain refer finally to “tribes”.  But in the context of Pakistan.  We’ll take it.


McCain is really coming to life when debating Pakistan and the war on terrorism.


Christ, now McCain is invoking Reagan again.  Slips on Somalia, but goes into Gulf War I and Bosnia.


But, it is true that McCain DOES have a record by virtue of his experience and Obama does not.


If we can trust our candidates, at least we have two candidates who do really seem to care about our country and who both renounce the failed legacy of Pres. George W. Bush.


We are so obsessed now by the split screen images on the major networks and how they bend over backwards to try and frame each candidate as equal in height. 


Uh oh, McCain says, we “can be clear” that we don’t allow a “second Holocaust”.  We are guessing that pretty much every person in the US would NOT want that.  Please don’t bring up Senator Kyl and “his amendment”.  We have absolutely no idea what that means.


Finally, talk about Iran’s president.  But why is this an issue?  Everyone thinks he is a loon.  Why is Lehrer letting Obama just cut McCain off?  That seems unfair.



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