Livebloggin… Part IV

What?  Did Lehrer just ask them how they would “rule the country”?  We thought we were electing a President, not a King. 


Who knew McCain was a cook?  He talked about his plan to cut spending as the best “recipe” for helping America.  We probably would have gone with “prescription”.  Then again, we like to eat.  So that’s kind of reassuring.


Minute 39:  second time McCain calls attention to the fact that he was NOT elected “Miss Congeniality”.  Note to Sen. McCain – Time to start firing your debate prep staff.  (plus, we thought Sarah Pahlin WAS elected Miss Congeniality).


Obama is starting to lose us with a lot of “uhs” and “next times”.   His criticism of McCain is not very hard-hitting.


Finally, a fight over Iraq.  Obama goes after McCain. McCain comes back strong.  Not sure that Obama should be muttering “it’s not true” while McCain is talking.


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