Salmon Homecoming Was a Blast!

Some of the Faithful

Some of the Faithful

We had a great time down at the Salmon Homecoming last weekend!  What a great event – and the weather was perfect.  Between the Indians, volunteers, vendors, dancers, drummers, well-wishers, tourists, regular folk, and friends, there had to be at least 10,000 people who ventured into or by the wharves and piers where the homecoming was held.




We saw seals playing in the bay, canoe landings, cruise ships and ferries, Oklahoma football fans, and other unique sightings!  The food was outstanding, the organizers and volunteers who put on the annual event are the nicest and most generous people ever.


We registered a lot of new voters, sold our newest T-Shirt design, and signed up over a hundred new members.  Most importantly, we reminded people that you HAVE to be registered to vote here in Washington (and most other states since there were a lot of out of state visitors who dropped by).  And registration for most people closes 30 days before the election.  So that means you have about 3 weeks to register to make a difference in the future our your state and your country.


We’ll be out there, so drop us a line at if you have any questions!  See you soon.

Hungry seals enjoy salmon too!

Hungry seals enjoy salmon too!


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