Oriental massages, hookers, whatever…

The Abramoff Scandal continues to leave us scratching our collective heads.


Yesterday, police arrested Kevin Ring, a former lobbyist for Team Abramoff with both the Greenberg Traurig and Preston Gates law firms.  Ring was a key player who, according to the indictment, traded gifts like dinners, football, baseball, and concert tickets with Congressional and Justice and Interior Department staffers in return for favors for Abramoff’s clients.  In one case, Abramoff put Rep. John Doolittle’s wife Julie on the payroll to the tune of $96,000 at one of his charities but told Ring to make sure she was “not be overburdened with work.”  In another instance, Ring plied Robert Coughlin, a Justice Department official, with gifts to protect an earmark for a tribal jail in Mississippi.  After saving the $16 million earmark, Ring e-mailed Padgett Wilson, another Justice official:


Ring: “I have the suite filling up with [Department of Justice] staffers that just got our client $16 million. Come to the [Dave Matthews Band] show, baby.”


Wilson: “Are there any tickets left?  And as for DOJ staffers, those guys should get anything they want for the rest of the time they are in office – opening day tickets, Skins v Giants, oriental massages, hookers, whatever…..”


One thing is for sure – we wouldn’t want to land in the middle of a Verizon Center skybox full of DoJ staffers and pantellas at a DMB concert.  We guess it’s a good thing that their boss John Aschcroft, whose “operation pipedream” ended with the prosecution and jailing of Tommy Chong, wasn’t there to witness the spectacle


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