Crazy men running for Congress!

In honor of the long weekend (and Seattle’s Bumbershoot festival), we present two comic tales, that would be funnier if they didn’t involve real people running for real offices in Congress in districts with Native voters.

Mike Erickson

Mike Erickson




First up is Republican Mike Erickson who is running for Congress in Oregon’s 5th district, home to the Siletz Tribe and a little bit of Grand Ronde Tribe.  Erickson, no stranger to controversy, has recently been hammered by the press for partying in Cuba.

The Hotline writes:


“Speaking at a Lake Oswego presser 8/18, ’06 nominee/businessman Mike Erickson (R) ‘vigorously defended his 2004 trip to Cuba as a humanitarian mission,’ even as records show he paid $1.6K along with ‘some friends’ for ‘a weeklong Cuban vacation that coincided with the Habanos Festival, an annual celebration of Cuban cigars.’ Erickson, though he ‘acknowledged that he spent most of the trip sightseeing and talking to Cubans,’ said that he ‘brought 20 boxes of medical supplies and delivered them to aid clinics over two days,’ an activity ‘Erickson estimated he spent about “a third” of his time’ there doing. Erickson: ‘The other two-thirds wasn’t just leisure, or just whatever it was. I was constantly always asking, “Hey, what’s going in in your country here?’”’


But it gets better.  Apparently there is no clinic where Erickson said there was and he can’t find any of the receipts for the medical supplies.


The Oregonian’s editors go after Erickson hard:

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes, a vacation to Cuba is simply that — unless you’re a certain political candidate with a compulsion to make stuff up. 

“Erickson’s story stretches the boundaries of credulity, as travel documents and witnesses suggest. The medical center he described doesn’t exist, for starters. Donating 20 boxes of medical supplies under those circumstances is somewhere close to unheard of. Also, the tour organizer explained that the trip was clearly a vacation, with an emphasis on cigars and nightclubs and fun, not a humanitarian mission.

“Erickson says he wants to travel to Kenya next to help AIDS orphans. It would be better for everyone, including the orphans, that he skip that trip and focus on being a better candidate.


“Or at least a better liar.”


Jack DavisSecond, we have Democrat Jack Davis from upstate New York who is one of a handful of Democrats running in the 26th Congressional District’s primary.  The District is home to the Tonawanda and Tuscarora Tribes.


 Apparently Davis is worried that too much Hispanic immigration will lead to the eventual takeover of border states like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, etc., and then THAT will inevitably lead those states to secede from the Union, and then THAT will plunge us into a Civil War. 

But now that his ramblings have been posted on-line (thank you, Internet!) by the Buffalo News, he has tried to backtrack, and done a wonderfully terrible job at that too:

“I think they’ll do it without a civil war,” he said. “They’ll take control of the state governments and start voting themselves anything they want.”

Yeah, like THAT’s a lot better…






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