Let’s Keep it Clean, o.k.?

offending $3 bill

offending $3 bill

Today we learn that the Snohomish County Republicans finally stopped selling borderline racist Obama “currency” from their booth at the Evergreen State Fair after a lot of protests were phoned in all the way to the national GOP level.  The Everett Herald reports that the “Obamanation” $3 bill pictures Obama in an Arab headdress, includes a silhouette figure of a camel, identifies Obama as “Da Man” and is signed by “Teddy Kennedy, Chief Socialism Advisor,” and “Al Sharpton, New Spiritual Advisor.” The serial number, “IBD14UOK” when read aloud, is fractured English: “I be de one for you, OK.”

Really, we can all do better than this.  We want to see people vote for a reason, be it for Republican or Democrat, not stay home because of all the negative politicking.


2 Responses to “Let’s Keep it Clean, o.k.?”

  1. There was nothing remotely racist about those things. It’s not “negative politicking,” it’s having fun. I mean honestly, the Democrats have portrayed Bush as Hitler incarnate for the last several years, and is now pushing McCain as the same, and this OBVIOUS joke is what you’re complaining about as being “negative” and “dirty”?

  2. Juan Mancias Says:

    I guess we could make money from showing the white folk getting welfare from the Native People when they first invaded this land. It is humorous isn’t it pudge. Nothing ‘negative or dirty’ about it just facts right. The fact that people were paying for it indicates the ‘systemic racism’ that is running rampant in the ‘conservative community’, kind of trend, huh. Trendy America.

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