Clinton, Schweitzer at Dem Convention; Native Delegates

Impressive speech from Senator Clinton tonight.  We were hit by this:

I ran to stand up for all those who have been invisible to their government for eight long years.  Those are the reasons I ran for President and those are the reasons I support Barack Obama for president.”


Speech here.


Somedays we really do feel invisible — check the White House budget, Cobell decision, etc. — so we hope that one day this all works out for ALL of us, right?  But, that being said, we appreciate those who do stand up for us.  ‘Nuff’ said.  On a lighter note, those continuing references to 18 million cracks remind us of (a) our windshield which can only take so much packing tape, (b) our world class HUD home, (c) our hand-me-down Frankhoma set, or (d) our front lawn.


And we cannot go without giving a tip of the hat to Gov. Brian Schweitzer who shows you CAN deliver a real good speech while wearing a bolo. 


The New West takes a look at the Indians at the Convention in this piece.  For the record, there are five Native delegates from WA State at the convention: Julie Johnson (Clinton), Lona Wilbur (Obama), Patsy Whitefoot (Obama), Kimber McCreery (Clinton), and Jessica Beckett (Obama).

Gov. Brian Schweitzer

Gov. Brian Schweitzer


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