Primary Results; Denver Convention


Native Vote Washington is proud to congratulate all of the Native candidates who cruised to victory last night in Washington’s so-called “top two” primary.  So kudos to John McCoy (Tulalip) who won his primary in the 38th Legislative District by a healthy 18 point margin, Don Barlow (Ottawa) who outpaced his nearest opponent in the 6th LD by 20 points, and Jeff Morris (Tsimshian) who dominated his 40th LD race by 62 points. 


Statewide, the Governor’s race is pretty darn close (as expected) with Chris Gregoire (D) beating challenger Dino Rossi (R) by a 49-45 margin, or about 34,000 votes.  Rossi has highlighted his Tlingit heritage this campaign season.


Of course, since the “top two” vote getters move on to the November General Election, this means that we are in for a rematch of the races we just covered.  Morris’s opponent may throw in the towel, but the chances are everyone else will look at the next 76 days until we hit November 4 as “get down to business” time, and can likely expect to be the target of at least some negative campaigning.


We wish Matt and the rest of Native Vote Washington team headed to Denver for the Democratic convention the best of luck, safe travels.  Please don’t forget to grab some swag to bring home to us back up here?  For instance, maybe you could get your hands on an Obama poker chip set, anything you can get signed by Method Man at the “rock the bells” concert (if it’s a hat, you can wear it once if you have to), some gym bags our kids can use as backpacks for school, and some badge-holders we can use at all the Indian conventions we plan on going to.  We’ll stay in touch…


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  1. Check out Current TV’s preconvention shows from Denver and Minneapolis



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