Worst “Big Brother” or “Real World” Episode ever!

oh what fun!

oh what fun!

How does this stuff actually happen?  Apparently, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  John Edwards’mistress – Reille Hunter – relocates from North Carolina to Santa Barbara.  At the same time, Edwards’ Senate aide – Andrew Young – who claims to be the father of Reille’s two year old daughter, also moves across the country into THE SAME HOUSE with Hunter.  Oh, and Young brings HIS FAMILY (wife Cheri and their three children) along! 


From the New York Post:


“Another factor causing doubt about Young’s claim is the fact that Hunter and the Young family earlier this year moved into the same multimillion-dollar home in Santa Barbara, Calif., at the expense of Edwards’ former finance chairman.


“Hunter later moved to another Santa Barbara house after clashing with Cheri.”


Do you think? 


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