McCain Closing Gap in WA; Sunsets

Sun setting over the Sound

Sun setting over the Sound

Moon hitting the olympics

Moon hitting the olympics

Well, the big races are getting closer!  Today, KING 5 TV (Seattle) and Survey USA released a new poll showing that McCain has whittled the gap between him and Obama to 7 points here in WA State.  Last month’s Survey USA poll had Obama cruising with a 17 point lead.  McCain has strength east of the Cascades where he leads Obama by 13 points.  That contrasts with Obama’s 15 point lead in the metro Seattle region.  The poll did not return enough results to measure Native American, Black, or Hispanic preferences, but among Whites, Obama leads by 5 points and among Asians, Obama leads by an astounding 50 points! 

Of course, we’re 80 days out from the election, and both the GOP and the Dems have to have their conventions, but the results tell us that, um, say a 60-40 or even 70-30 edge among Native American voters could decide the fall election. 

As we’ve said before, there are about 110,000 eligible Native Voters in WA, and we estimate that if one candidate, say McCain, were to carry the Native vote here by a 60-40 margin, that would likely translate into a 21,000 vote cushion, based on a 65% turnout rate. 

On the Gregoire – Rossi front, the KING 5 / Survey USA poll shows them in a statistical tie. 

There are a lot of fairs and pow wows and events going on all over WA reservations, so now is the time for the candidates to make hay.

On a totally different note, we love the sunsets and moonsets that the Creator blesses us with.  Above are a couple of pics overlooking the Puget Sound and the Olympics.  Great to be a Washingtonian (or Washingtonienne)!


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