Close Governor’s race, celebrities…


The Olympics are still consuming us… but we have a few fun tidbits to pass on to you all…


The latest statewide poll shows that there really IS a close race for the Governor’s desk between the incumbent Democrat, Christine Gregoire, and her Republican challenger Dino Rossi.  Rasmussen has Gregoire up by 4 points in our state’s most recent survey.


The latest entrant into political forecasting is the Pindell Report, compiled by the folks at  The Pindell Report rates our Governor’s race as the closest Governor’s race in the nation.


The cash race is close, with Gregoire raising $1.7 million this past June and July, compared to Rossi’s $1.5 million.


August brings the celebrities out – comedian Al Franken, who is running as a Democrat for the Minnesota Senate seat is hitting the Red Lake Pow Wow and it is reported that Paul McCartney made an incognito stop at the Gallup Inter-tribal.  Now if only Lindsay Lohan could learn to bead….


One Response to “Close Governor’s race, celebrities…”

  1. Washingtonian Says:

    Are you serious? McCartney? Does that mean Ringo will be hitting Crow Fair?

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