Hitting the Washington Democratic Convention

It’s Saturday, June 14 and we are still exhilarated from our reception last night.

Native Vote Washinton hosted a reception at the state Democratic Convention in Spokane to educate Washington Democratic candidates and leaders about the impact of the Native Vote in 2008.  The reception featured juices, apples and asparagus all made and produced by Yakama Nation. NVW website was up and running for people to view and watch our videos. (It was too loud for music cuz it was packed with people…shoulder to shoulder!) NVW had literature on hand to educate people on NDN issues and on the need for government to government consultation with tribal nations.

We sold NVW t-shirts, buttons, mugs, hats which the funds will be used for our outreach efforts or something cool like that…:)! The Democrat party sent food up to our suite!! There was no alcohol served and that went over great. We had people sign up if they wanted to assist NV as volunteers. We will use that list also to request donations!Guests at the reception included State Representatives Sam Hunt, Bob Hasegawa, and Sharon Tomiko Santos as well as our own NDN Rep Don Barlow who is campaigning for re-election and Jason Osgood who is running for Secretary of State.



We also reminded the crowd that we are Native American first and our loyalty is to our nations. We do not bleed democrat or republican. We put our energy behind candidates of truth and ones who will uphold our government-to-government status and fight for our peoples needs everyday…not just at election time when candidates are requesting funds!Attendees/NVW members said the reception was one of the best outreach events so far!  But this was event is just the beginning. We are still fighting to get more than 3 NAmericans onto Nationals.  When we got pictures with Gregiore today giving her a NVW t-shirt she said she heard we had a great hospitality suite last night from several people.  



-Theresa Sheldon


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